Best Places to Visit in Romania

5 Best Places To Visit In Romania

Visit in Romania

Romania is one of the European countries that does not receive almost the same attention as decent. List of the 5 best places to visit in Romania varies. There are beautiful cities, ancient cities, monks listed at UNESCO, and amazing natural wonders. Romania is a one-roof place for everyone!

Romania is a country rich in historical relics. This is an extraordinary goal to visit if you want to learn about culture, see famous landmarks, and see beautiful scenery slot pragmatic. Go to the Spirit En Español page and take advantage of a good bargain for tickets to make a reservation!

Romania is worth a visit, with different historical characters, extraordinary natural beauty, and beautiful medieval cities and castles. So, this is the biggest and most beautiful location in Romania.

The Best Place to Visit in Romania

Best Places to Visit in Romania

Balea Lake

Located in the Fagaras Mountains, not far from Poenari Castle, Lake Balea is a glacial lake in Central Romania. During the summer and winter months, anyone can rent a car in Romania and travel along the highway transfagarasan through the Balea cable car.

Everyone who visits the hotel is surprised by the amazing view, which is worth driving. Stayed at one of several hotels and ate in the area in one of the restaurants with views of mountains and sparkling lakes.

Transfagarasan Highway

Want adrenaline to be in a hurry, the highway transfagarasan is suitable for you. It has a circular road, scary slope, and amazing view. There are various villages and cities on each side of the route with warm cuisine and beautiful views when you rest, as well as beautiful hotels and some camping places for those who prefer adventure. Very commensurate with efforts to take this beautiful place to visit in Romania.

Transfagarasan Highway is one of the most beautiful routes in the world, and you can also rent luxury vehicles and sports cars if you feel brave and let your valves open entirely on this famous route.

Poenari Castle

If you ride more than 1,500 concrete stairs to a mysterious castle attract you, then the peonari castle must be seen in Romania. The broken castle cliffs provide simple adventure and historic architecture, and a bloody past.

On the right side of the Transfagarasan Highway, Castle Poenari can be seen on a rocky outcrop near the Carpathian mountains to visit in Romania. In fact, landslides in the 1800s destroyed most of the castles but were rebuilt and stored so that tourists could appreciate their beauty today.


Sibiu is one of the most beautiful and beautiful tourist destinations to visit in Romania, and you will definitely fall in love with him. Sibiu’s unique architecture in the upper and lower cities attracts visitors from all over the country. On a rocky path with a defensive tower facing the Cibin River, the city of Romania reflects the strength and beauty that is seen throughout the country. The attraction of the city includes three towers, several historical boxes, Roman Catholic Churches (especially Biserica Romano-Catholica), and Brukenmenthal Palace visit in Romania.

Explore the upper and lower cities, don’t be afraid to explore local yards because they often hold hidden gems, and receive winding aisles and lots of coffee shops. The board tower is what must be seen for the best views of the city and its surroundings.

Bigar Waterfall

This is probably the most known view of Romania. Bigar Waterfall, with a typical Guntur cascade, is located in the Caras-Severin area, and visitors from all over the world come to see it. Bigar Waterfall in northern Romania falls on the top of a large round stone, and the water is then divided into small sandals and is thrown as a smaller flow. The beautiful scenery is difficult to miss, This must be seen by all visitors to visit in Romania.

In The End

Romania has always been a country worth visiting because it is a place where people respect their rich culture, respect the legend of history, and welcome newcomers. We feel that the Transylvania forest, the cities and medieval stresses that are preserved, and the medieval architecture that are well inspired the top 5 Romanian places to visit in Romania. This country is a fairly expensive and reasonable goal that offers a good value for money in various fields.

There are many things that can be seen and done here, so order your trip immediately with Jetblue Com Español, so you don’t miss it! The best time to visit Romania is at the end of spring or early autumn during warm and sunny weather.