Reality vs Fantasy Design Trends Dominate Fall 2023 New York Fashion Week

Let’s take a look at ten of the most coveted and timeless Dior bags

The New York Fashion Week Fall 2023 event which takes place February 10-15 2023 proves that fantasy cannot be separated from fashion concepts. Many designers offer a wide variety of clothing that can be worn but not always functional.

Like the long dress trend. Dresses, jackets, and skirts are made to sweep across the floor, which is a cause for concern if worn during the rainy season or out in the open.

Please note that basically fashion does not exist as an answer to the need situs slot gacor for functional clothing.

Fashion is renewal, a form of self-expression and creativity. Every designer creation has a strong conceptual inspiration or background, even if it’s just a basic white t-shirt presented on the runway.

Seeing designer creations at New York Fashion Week that are unique, fun, and diverse seems to invite us to appreciate designers’ fantasies or creativity. Rodarte, for example, carries the theme of a gothic-style Fairy in a row of long dresses and slip dresses.

Fantasy is also not only synonymous with magical and fun clothes. Catherine Holstein of label Khaite tells Vogue that her minimalist, oversized sewing parade idea is, “We always talk about resilience and poise, but it’s about strength.” he explained.

A pragmatic approach is also presented by Proenza Schouler. One of the designers, Lazaro Hernandez, even explicitly said that he and his partner, Jack McCollough, focused on making clothes that women wanted and didn’t want to be consumed by fantasy and anything that was going on on social media.

“Reality. We are tired of all the fantasy and crowded clothes bakarat online on Instagram,” said Hernandez as quoted from Harper’s Bazaar.

Basic but make it fashion is another analogy that describes the Proenza Schouler collection. As well as suits, there are metallic gold pants, leather evening gowns and multi-slit accents.

In the end, the concept of reality and pragmatic mode are relative. Some can wear long coats on the streets of their cities. While others are also more confident wearing transparent dresses and metallic gold pants.

Plus, in the current era of social media, the concepts of reality and fantasy are increasingly biased. So why not dress up like a Gothic elf a la Rodarte or wear a long coat on a rainy day? Who cares?! Now we can live in our reality and fantasy too.